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Momo Steering Wheel Hub Porsche 911 Long L231


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Momo Automotive Accessories
Steering wheel hub designed as direct OEM replacement.

Momo is the company which invented and market-launched as first the collapsable steering wheel hub. This device is able to absorb outstanding impacts thanks to a programmed deformation, thus dramatically increasing the safety level in case of collision. Momo has the largest application catalog in the industry, offering fitments for hundreds of different vehicles.

Since the 60's the Momo steering wheel has made the Italian brand famous all over the world. Today the Momo brand continues to be inspired by simple yet very strong values: product quality, superior craftsmanship, maximum safety standards and the highest performance levels. The design of each Momo steering wheel is the result of accurate ergonomic studies, the scent of fine leather, the harmony of every detail and the choice of the best materials.


  • Spline Count: 40
  • Diameter: 19mm

  • Porsche 911 Long

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